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If you want security, peace of mind and comfort while your boat is at anchor, then nothing beats an all chain rode. It has been proven that chain rode helps an anchor to set faster and hold better than when using non-chain rode. In addition the weight of the chain acts as a shock absorber when the wind decides to back or veer through your anchorage. The trade-off comes in the form of stresses imposed on the windlass from the forces exerted by the chain rode as your vessel moves with the wave action. The best and most practical way to protect your windlass, is to use a nylon Snubber.


The elasticity provided by the nylon line relieves tension on the windlass gears and shafts by transferring the forces to your bow cleats or a Samson post installed for the purpose.

To be effective a Snubber must be easy to attach and remove, while at other times remaining securely attached to the rode. This is where The Claw comes in - with a length of nylon line spliced to The Claw, you get the best Snubber available.

The Claw is made from 316 Stainless Steel and works with 5/16" or 3/8" Proof Coil, BBB or High-Test (HT) Hot dip galvanized or Stainless Steel Chain. Permissible Load : 3300 lbs.


The Claw - $89.95

How to use The Claw :

Hook The Claw to your anchor rode about 2’ from the bow roller

Pull the Snubber line taut and secure to a bow cleat or Samson post

Reduce tension on the anchor rode at the windlass leaving a loose section of chain, while ensuring that the bitter end remains securely fastened to a pad-eye.

Stresses are now transferred from the windlass to the bow-cleats or the Samson post.

When it’s time to leave the anchorage, simply re-tension the rode at the windlass, release the Snubber line and retrieve The Claw.

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Anchor Chain Stopper - 316 SS
Base 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Overall Height 3-3/8"
Slot Opening 15-32"
Drilled for 1/4" bolts


Heavy Duty Cleat - Type 316 SS
10" long
2-9/16" wide
2" high
Drilled for 5/16" bolts


Skene Bow Chock Sets - Type 316 SS
Length 6" long
Width 3/4"
Line sizes up to 3/4"
Drilled for 1/4" bolts

$11.95 / $14.95

U-Bolt Bow Eye
Eye is made from 5/16" SS stock with rolled threads. Overall length: 4-1/4" with 2-1/8" thread below outside plate. Overall width of eye: 1-9/16" - 6,000 lb. safe pull test.

Heavy Duty U-Bolt Bow Eye
Eye is made from 7/16" SS stock with rolled threads. Overall length: 5-1/2" with 3" thread below outside plate. Overall width of eye: 2-3/8" - 12,000 lb. safe pull test.

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