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RF Ground Plane

Marine Single Side Band (SSB) radio, often known simply as HF radio, is the "old standby" of voyaging vessels both large and small.  It is called HF, because it uses frequencies from 3 to 30 MHz. 

Selecting and installing a rig which will do the job properly can be a daunting proposition. We can help select and install the best transceiver / tuner combination to meet your needs and will design and install a primary antenna for your vessel along with that most important and often over-looked item – the RF ground plane.

Kenwood TS-50S installed on Spirit of Canada

A very popular SSB rig for cruisers is the Icom M-802 transceiver combined with an AT-140 automatic antenna tuner, a mast mounted end-fed random-length low loss long-wire antenna, and a copper foil RF ground plane connected to a large dynaplate.

Over the past several years we have designed and installed HF/SSB systems for many vessels, including the one shown here on Derek Hatfield’s Around Alone Open-40, Spirit of Canada. This particular installation was the first of it’s kind – anywhere in the world – to incorporate an in-mast long-wire antenna.

We encourage our customers to consider the benefits of amateur radio and provide assistance in obtaining a HAM license.

Kenwood KAT-1
Automatic Antenna Tuner
DSP Multimode Pactor Controller

HF Rigs and E-Mail
We also perfom a neat hard-wired solution for connecting a Pactor modem directly to the TS-50S Transceiver for trouble free e-mail via Ham radio.
We will also help you to configure your rig along with installation and set-up of your e-mail communication software.
Want your TS-50 to tramsmit on all frequencies? No problem we can do that too.

A TS-50S hard-wired for a Pactor Modem

Please send us an e-mail describing your requirements and we'll work with you to make it happen.

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